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Gary's Gardens provides a range of gardening services to ensure that your garden flourishes and can be enjoyed all year round. I have the knowledge, expertise and tools required for all your gardening needs.
Hedge cutting

Hedge Cutting & Planting

Hedges can provide your garden with privacy, defined boundaries or shade. Depending on their type and growth rate, hedges thrive when trimmed regularly to stimulate growth and to keep them looking beautiful. With my knowledge and professional equipment, I can ensure that your hedge is kept neat and tidy.
I also undertake one-off hedge reductions and hedge planting. 

Shrub & Fruit Tree Pruning

Whether you have large shrubs, a solitary tree or an orchard, they need pruning regularly to encourage new growth, flowering and to maintain their shape. Pruning can be a delicate operation and I can advise on the best time of year, whether a plant can withstand a hard pruning and know how to prune efficiently to ensure your plants remain in tip-top condition. 

Fencing & Repairs

Close board, panel, post and rail. Concrete or wooden posts and gravel boards. If you need a new fence or an existing one repaired, I can install the most popular types of fencing. This may include dismantling an old fence, preparing the ground, post sinking and painting.


Planting can be a daunting, back-breaking task. Whether it be hedges, trees, beds or borders, I can source the best plants and shrubs to transform your garden and do all the hard planting work for you. 
garden tidy clearance

Garden Clearance

Is your garden overgrown? Are you losing the war against weeds? I can tackle rambling gardens and make them more manageable. This might include cutting down out of control climbers, hacking back brambles, clearing autumn leaves and felling small trees. 

Lawn Repair & Turfing

Is you lawn looking sorry for itself? Is it full of holes or lumps and bumps? I can remove your old grass, prepare the ground, add top soil if necessary and turf or seed to get the look you're after. 
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